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Forestry technology

Timberlift log skidding cranes

... Logging cranes for all applications

... Robust, flexible, versatile



The all-rounder: forestry crane, skidding crane, combination crane, rear excavator

  • Strong lifting and skidding performance

  • Use of high-strength steel and high-quality components


Timberlift - models


Timberlift TML SKD 4 / TML SKD 5
skidding cranes and loading cranes

Auer Timberlift SKD




Tractor power rating: 50 hp to 90 hp
Ranges: 4 m or 5 m


Skidding / Sorting

  • Optimal interaction of the hydraulic slewing arm, crane, articulated joint and 4.5 t rotator -
    enabling perfect pulling and cornering with heavy or long trunks while protecting the tractor and the forest
  • The horizontal arm can be slewed 180°.
    On many tractor models it is possible to work with the back window open to give the best view and manoeuvrability possible
  • The free-moving joystick controller makes your work easier
  • The main cylinders are protected against overload by safety valves



  • Hitching a tipper quickly gives you a logging trailer with crane


  • The splitting grapple with patented deflector prevents the grapple from getting stuck in the wood and has a low dead weight
  • This splitting device can also be mounted to smaller excavators and skidding trailers


  • Carry out earthworks in no-time:
    - Plug-in excavator module (see image)
    - Levelling bucket with tilt cylinder
    - Clamshell bucket with excavator teeth
  •  Hydraulic stabilisers are available upon request

Additional accessories

- Dedicated oil supply with pump connected to PTO
- Cable winch, 2.7 t
- Trailer hitch

- Mechanical linkage control (MHR) pulling cylinder for stabilising
  the lower link arms

- Hay grab

Auer Holzrückekran TML SKD beim Stämme sortieren

Auer Rückekran mit angehängtem Kipper  
Auer Timberlift mit Spaltzange  
Auer Holzkran mit Baggereinschub  


Download: Reichweitendiagramm TML SKD 4 / TML SKD 5


Rückekran und Ladekran
Timberlift TML 4D50 / TML 4D64 2-fach Teleausschub

Auer Holzkran mit Flap-Down Stützen  

Tractor power rating: 90 hp to 150 hp

Ranges: 5 m or 6,4 m 


Flap-Down support

  • Best choice if the machine is mainly used for loading and unloading


Support wheels

  • Maxiumum performance for dragging logs because of the support wheels -  less pressure on the tractor


Plus points

  • 4 mto lifting torque
  • 5 m range 4D50 / 6,4 m range 4D64
  • powerful 2-cylinder slewing mechanism

  • 170° slewing angle 
  • A-frame with support wheels oder Flap-Down support
  • towing possibility Cat. II 

  • skidding claw 1700 mm opening width 

  • rotator 4.5 t with reinforced shaft and flange 

  • 8-fold control block with 2 joysticks and 4 single levers

  • 1 x floating position for rotator 
  • Oil supply of the tractor - pressureless return necessary
  • Mounting hook to relieve the telescopic arm when pulling trunks 


Additional accessories

Splitting grapple, rope winch, shell claws/claw shovel, 

excavator scoop, levelling and inclination scoop, hay claw, towing attachment/Steyr re- engineering, dedicated oil supply with pump connected to PTO

Auer Holzrückekran TML 4D50  
Auer Holzrückekran TML 4D64  


Download: Reichweitendiagramm TML 4D50


Download: Reichweitendiagramm TML 4D64

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Neben unserem umfangreichen Forstprogramm wie Forstzangen bzw. Rückezangen und Spaltzangen sowie die Modellreihe Timberlift, das sind  vielseitig einsetzbare Holzkrane bzw. Rückekrane sowie Ladekrane, bieten wir auch Krananlagen, wie HeukraneDiscus Krane, Sonderkrane, Industriekrane sowie Alleslader, Heubagger bzw. Mobilkrane und Geräte für die Heutrocknung bzw. Heubelüftung an. Sollten Sie auf der Suche nach Maschinen sein, die Ballen auflösen, sind Sie bei uns genau richtig. Wir bauen im Werk Hellmonsödt Rundballenabwickler bzw. Ballen Abroller und Ballenfräse. Weiters erleichtern wir Ihnen das Schneestangen setzen mit unserem Schneestangensetzgerät bzw. Schneestangenbohrgerät. Für die Förderung von Hackschnitzel ist unser Hackschnitzelgebläse bestens geeignet. Mit einer Auer Obstpresse und Obstmühle können Sie Ihr Obst optimal verarbeiten. Auf den einzelnen Detailseiten erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Produkte.


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Press release:

The Timberlift from Auer - always ready to lend a hand

Logging cranes for all applications


The few robust, extendible forestry cranes under the "Timberlift" brand open up a wide field of possible applications.

They are powerful skidding and loading cranes that can be converted into an excavator or splitting machine in just a few easy steps. Combining them with a tipper gives you a logging trailer with crane. For work around the farmyard, the system can also be supplemented with a hay or manure grab. High-strength steels and high-quality components ensure problem-free operation and a long service life.


With the TML SKD models, Auer's modular system can turn the Timberlift into an excavator or splitting machine in just a few easy steps. For work around the farmyard, the system can also be supplemented with a hay or manure grab. This applies to tractors rated at 50 hp and over and with a dead weight of approx. 3 t and over.


For information, contact:
Auer Landmaschinenbau GmbH
Tel. ++43 (0)7215 22 74 0