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Drying technology

Hay ventilation and drying systems

... First-class feed quality - a key building block in your success!

... Increase your effectiveness during the hay harvest

... Good hay even in changeable weather


... How a hay ventilation system from Auer increases your yields

  • You are no longer at the mercy of the weather
  • You can reduce drying and working time in the field
  • You can select the optimal point to harvest the feed
  • You receive hay of first-class quality, with a high nutrient, protein and vitamin content,
    thereby promoting the health, and increasing the fertility and milk production of your cattle

...Auer provides you with professional assistance

  • We offer first-class advice, planning and construction guidance
  • Our expertise is underlined by our many years of experience of intensive, in-house development work in close cooperation with people in the field and satisfied customers

  • Optimally dimensioned systems provide short ventilation times while keeping drying costs low
  • Partly or fully electronic hay ventilation controllers
  • We would be glad to put you in touch with one of our partner firms for your dehumidifier needs


Hay drying systems for haystacks and bales

  • A wide variety of fan options from 4 kW to 22 kW
  • With the capacity to handle air volumes well in excess of 100,000 m³ per hour,
    we can guarantee to use the ideal radial fan for every requirement
  • Pressure-resistant radial fans with outstanding efficiency overcome high air resistances and
    are ideal for bales and high haystacks alike

Auer Heubelüftung - Boxentrocknung  

Haystack ventilation - Box drying


The grid on the floor guarantees optimal air distribution.

Auer crane systems are indispensable helpers for filling and emptying operations.

Auer Rundballentrocknung mit modularem Luftkastensystem  

Round bale drying
with a modular air duct system

Our tried and tested modular system can be expanded at any time or put together in any way you please.
Of course you may also choose to make the air ducts yourself out of wood.


Information on cold and hot-air ventilation


Cold-air ventilation

The intake humidity of the feed for cold-air ventilation should be between 30% and maximum 40%.
For hot-air ventilation, feed with a humidity up to 50% can be taken in.
If material taken in for cold-air ventilation is drier than this, it is only possible to reduce re-humidification in the field overnight from dew or fog by swathing, which increases the labour involved while also reducing the hay quality. Success is primarily a function of temperature and the humidity of the outside air.
In extended periods of bad weather, there is a risk of the feed spoiling.
Leafy grasses such as clover, alfalfa and juicy herbs dry less well. Aftermath generally dries very well.

Hot-air ventilation

Solar heating: The heated air is extracted from the roof or from roof spaces. In practice average temperature increases of 5°C - in exceptional cases up to 10°C - are achieved. This ensures the low air humidity of 40-60%, which is absolutely vital for the final drying phase.

Air heating with a heater: This mainly relies on oil or gas-fired fan heaters or wood chip heaters with heat exchangers. To ensure rapid drying, the increase in temperature should be at least 15°C.

Performance of the system Heating output (net) in kW to
heat the air by
m³/h 1°C (1K)
20.000 7,00
25.000 8,75
30.000 10,50
35.000 12,25
40.000 14,00
45.000 15,75
50.000 17,50

This table can be used to estimate the required heating output, if you are thinking of getting a warm ventilation system. An average wood chip heater with a heating output of 40 - 60 kW can cause a temperature increase of approx. 3.8°C - 5.7°C, when used with a fan with an air output of 30,000 m³/h.

... Some honest advice for achieving optimum results for round bale drying

  • Air preheating (= hot-air ventilation) is necessary

  • The bale press should not be set to compact the material too heavily, otherwise this will cause difficulties with ventilation
  • Different bale presses compact the bales differently at the same pressure
  • The passage of air is easier on presses which produce a looser core
  • The first and second / third step are not the same when it comes to the method used for ventilation
  • 30 - 35% humidity should be maintained in the hay during pressing, otherwise ventilation times will be very long (risk of spoilage!)
  • The number of bales to be pressed is determined by the number of air outlets.
  • Bales with feed of differing humidity levels must be inspected multiple times, and rearranged during the drying process
  • A certain level of experience and careful monitoring of the feed quality is necessary. An electronic ventilation controller is useful, however it cannot replace periodic inspection by the farmer!


... We have no interest in telling tall tales - we only want you to achieve the objective of first-class feed quality!

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Neben Heutrocknungen bzw. Heubelüftungen bieten wir auch Krananlagen, wie HeukraneDiscus Krane, Sonderkrane, Industriekrane sowie Alleslader, Heubagger bzw. Mobilkrane an. Sollten Sie auf der Suche nach Maschinen sein, die Ballen auflösen, sind Sie bei uns genau richtig. Wir bauen im Werk Hellmonsödt Rundballenabwickler bzw. Ballen Abroller und Ballenfräse. Auch für den Forstbereich finden Sie professionelle Geräte in unserem Sortiment, wie Forstzangen bzw. Rückezangen und Spaltzangen. Die Modellreihe Timberlift, das sind  vielseitig einsetzbare Holzkrane bzw. Rückekrane sowie Ladekrane, finden Sie ebenfalls im Produktprogramm von Auer.  Weiters erleichtern wir Ihnen das Schneestangen setzen mit unserem Schneestangensetzgerät bzw. Schneestangenbohrgerät. Für die Förderung von Hackschnitzel ist unser Hackschnitzelgebläse bestens geeignet. Mit einer Auer Obstpresse und Obstmühle können Sie Ihr Obst optimal verarbeiten. Auf den einzelnen Detailseiten erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Produkte.

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Press release:

The best feed quality with hay drying systems from Auer

More and more farmers are opting to purchase hay drying systems, because hay ventilation technology keeps labour, risks from weather, leaf loss, and loss of aroma and nutrients to a minimum. Studies and day-to-day experience show that quality hay can not only increase milk production, but also protein levels in the milk and the health of the animals.

Auer is a specialist in the area of hay drying. With Auer as a partner, customers can rely on many years of experience, intelligent high-performance fans, and the best possible advice; the wide variety of intelligent, high-performance fans from 4 kW to 22 kW, with the capacity to handle air volumes well in excess of 100,000m³ make it clear that hay drying requires a great deal of experience to produce quality hay while keeping operating costs low. Auer guarantees to use an appropriately dimensioned system for every requirement, be it haystack ventilation, box drying, or round bale ventilation.

For information, contact:
Auer Landmaschinenbau GmbH
Tel. ++43 (0)7215 22 74 0