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Crane technology

Mobile crane technology

... The mobile alternative to the hay crane

... Flexible for indoor and outdoor use

... Major advantages make this a convincing option


Mobile cranes - the universal loaders ..... hay excavator, mixed crane, bale loader, timber loader



  • Strong lifting performance
  • Large range
  • Best use of the available space thanks to its compact form and small turning circle

  • Low centre of gravity for the best stability
  • Powerful rotary motor with overpressure valve - supplies more slewing force

  • Large, hardened slewing ring mounted on ball bearings is beneficial for service life
  • The electric motor of the hydraulic unit can be activated from the cab 

  • Hydraulically height-adjustable drawbar
  • The pump connected to the PTO is attached under the drawbar for protection -
    no laborious coupling and uncoupling and no disruptive hydraulic hoses



Auer Mobilkran mit 2 Rädern


Auer Mobilkran mit 2 Rädern Auer Alleslader mit Fahrantrieb, Lenkung und Pendelachse Auer Heulader mit Schienenfahrwerk

Mobile crane with 2 wheels


 Mobile crane with 4 wheels,

drive and steering,
as well as a floating axle

Mobile crane on rails


 Ergonomic cabs – for stress-free  working 

  • Roomy cabs offering ideal visibility
  • Comfortable access via a non-slip base frame
  • Adjustable comfort seat with armrests
  • User-friendly positioning of the joystick and foot pedals
  • Hydraulic unit can be activated from the cab
  • Hydraulic system available in a single or dual circuit version with quiet-running pump

Fast extendible arms

  • Extendible arm made of high-strength special steel
  • The extendible arm can also be fully extended for loading manure,
    no locking device is necessary
  • Rapid extension is made possible by rollers on the bottom of the arm

  • High speed of the extendible arm thanks to hydraulic/mechanical chain extension

  • Internal routing of hoses - proven time and again - prevents the hydraulic lines from being torn down and damaged

Height-adjustable, patented drawbar - a major advantage for outdoor use

  • No need to crank up the stabilisers!
  • Quick and easy to couple, transport and reposition
  • Negotiating unevenness in the ground is child's play
  • The articulated shaft can remain connected during transport by tractor
  • The articulated drawbar can be easily removed as required

A flexible range of applications thanks to a sophisticated modular system

The comprehensive range of accessories available makes Auer universal loaders extremely versatile:


  • Variant with chain hoist/chain winch for silo removal
  • Claw attachment plates for wood chips, manure and similar
  • Claw with centre tine mounting plate for short-chopped silage and manure
  • Pump mounted to PTO in a single and dual circuit version
  • Rotator
  • Load hook
  • Timber claw

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Neben Alleslader, Heubagger bzw. Mobilkrane sowie Krananlagen, wie Heukrane, Discus Krane, Sonderkrane, Industriekrane, bieten wir Geräte für die Heutrocknung bzw. Heubelüftung an. Sollten Sie auf der Suche nach Maschinen sein, die Ballen auflösen, sind Sie bei uns genau richtig. Wir bauen im Werk Hellmonsödt Rundballenabwickler bzw. Ballen Abroller und Ballenfräse. Auch für den Forstbereich finden Sie professionelle Geräte in unserem Sortiment, wie Forstzangen bzw. Rückezangen und Spaltzangen. Die Modellreihe Timberlift, das sind  vielseitig einsetzbare Holzkrane bzw. Rückekrane sowie Ladekrane, finden Sie ebenfalls im Produktprogramm von Auer.  Weiters erleichtern wir Ihnen das Schneestangen setzen mit unserem Schneestangensetzgerät bzw. Schneestangenbohrgerät. Für die Förderung von Hackschnitzel ist unser Hackschnitzelgebläse bestens geeignet. Mit einer Auer Obstpresse und Obstmühle können Sie Ihr Obst optimal verarbeiten. Auf den einzelnen Detailseiten erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Produkte.

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Press release:

Auer mobile crane – the versatile helper for inside and out

The compact design makes it manoeuvrable and ensures best use of the available space


Auer mobile cranes, also known as hay excavators, hay loaders, manure excavators, manure loaders, bale loaders, timber loaders, loaders or universal loaders,  are extremely versatile, as indicated by the number of names they are known under. Auer supplies various models, self-propelled with 4 wheels or static with 2 wheels as well as the rail-based version.  The small turning circle and compact design enable great manoeuvrability in the tightest of spaces. Moreover the low centre of gravity ensures outstanding stability.
Other advantages include the fast-extending arms, which have a high loading capacity.  Also of practical use is the internal routing of the hoses, which prevents damage occurring to the hydraulic lines.

The roomy, ergonomically designed cabs, which offer ideal visibility, an adjustable seat, and user-friendly placement of the control levers and pedals, make working with the Auer universal loader a very pleasant experience.

For information, contact:
Auer Landmaschinenbau GmbH
Tel. ++43 (0)7215 22 74 0