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Crane technology

Auer hay cranes are fast, strong and versatile

... Top quality made in Austria

... Providing the ideal crane system for each building
... Auer makes the most of every situation


Hay cranes / Overhead cranes / Suspended slewing cranes - proven 1000 times over!

At Auer we make an effort to provide solid Austrian products that reliably satisfy the highest technical requirements.

Persuasive advantages

Extendible arm

  • Extendible arms designed with capacity to spare enable the handling of large loads and
    ensure a long service life
  • Good load distribution thanks to the uniform extension of all arm profiles thanks to
    robust chain proven millions of times around the world
  • Extendible arms are strengthened by their use of high-strength ALFORM 700 special steel
  • Rapid extension thanks to extensions mounted on roller bearings
  • Internal hoses for extendible arms, developed by Auer all the way back in 1988, have proven their worth time and again and are now a general technical standard

Running gear

  • Quiet and high-speed running gear with tracks or wheels made from high-quality plastic,
    no cheap flanged rollers
  • Each wheel is mounted with two durable, dustproof ball bearings
  • cornering running gear, offset running gear, transverse running gear  -
    the ideal running gear for every building

Cabs and hydraulics

  • Ergonomic comfort seat with armrests
  • Different cabin versions available: standard, design or glas cabin with aircon and radio available upon request
  • All oil motors protected by overpressure valves
  • Counter bearing of the rotary motor gear wheel as well as the drive wheel
    protects the oil motor shaft
  • Safety valves prevent overloading of the crane and increase service life
  • Low oil heating thanks to special control blocks - oil cooler available upon request
  • Smooth and rapid operation thanks to the Powerjet system and Euro control -
    the same as on construction machinery
  • In addition to the traditional valve control method, hydraulic pilot control or remote control are also possible


  • A multitude of claw types are possible, with extension elements, load hooks, etc..
  • Special claws such as logging claws, clamshell grabs, attachment plates for bulk goods, and wood chip claws
  • Forged claw tines
  • Claw up position unit with large slewing angle for optimal stacking


Crane systems for any building situation

We build hay cranes, Discus cranes with double slewing gear,
special cranes, industrial cranes and recycling cranes
with lifting torques between 3 mt and 24 mt and ranges up to 15 m


Auer Heukran 60113 für große Gebäude  

Large buildings

  • If the structural situation of the building allows it, powerful Auer crane systems can also offer assistance for work in barns
Auer Hallenkran mit Querfahrwerk  

 Wide buildings

  • Transverse running gear is quick to move longitudinally and transversely, offers good visibility and
    minimises extension time
Auer Krananlage 4093 für enge und hohe Gebäude  

Narrow buildings

  • Compact hay cranes with short turning radii substantially facilitate work and enable optimal use of the available
    storage space


Auer Hängedrehkran 60123 bei Silobefüllung  

High buildings and deep silos

  • The extendible arm of all our hay cranes can be positioned vertically, which is advantageous for silo filling and removal
  • Hose guide in the industrial plastic chain -
    no hanging down of the hoses
Auer Heukran mit Kurvenfahrwerk  

 Curved track

  • Travelling around corners just as smoothly as in a straight line
  • Custom track gauges are possible, regardless of what angle parts of the building are to one-another
Auer Drehkrananlage - Ausfahrt ins Freie  

 Outside extensions

  • For picking up feed from outside of the building,
    where the barn is not vehicle-accessible
Auer Heukran mit Verschubrahmen  

 Positioning frame

  • For obstacles in the centre of the building
  • For low installation heights


Auer Krananlage mit Kettenwinde  

 Chain winch

  • Used in situations where the storage location is hard to access and cannot be reached directly with the extendible arm
  • For silos or hay ventilation systems
    outside of the crane rails
  • Silo rollers, extension elements, and
    attachment plates, as pictured here, are possible
Auer Altbaukran mit hydraulischer Vorsteuerung  

 Hydraulic pilot control

  • Similar to an excavator, the hay crane is directed by means of free-moving joysticks


Auer Hallenkran mit Querfahrwerk und Funkfernsteuerung  

 Remote control

  • The crane can be operated from anywhere in the building
  • The proportional valve technology allows for millimetre-accuracy during operation
Air-conditioned cabin  

Air-conditioned cabin

  • The built-in air conditioning not only cools and heats, but also dehumidifies
  • The closed construction reduces the dust inside the cabin
  • A good view down through the glass bottom

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Neben Krananlagen, wie HeukraneDiscus Krane, Sonderkrane, Industriekrane sowie Alleslader, Heubagger bzw. Mobilkrane, bieten wir Geräte für die Heutrocknung bzw. Heubelüftung an. Sollten Sie auf der Suche nach Maschinen sein, die Ballen auflösen, sind Sie bei uns genau richtig. Wir bauen im Werk Hellmonsödt Rundballenabwickler bzw. Ballen Abroller und Ballenfräse. Auch für den Forstbereich finden Sie professionelle Geräte in unserem Sortiment, wie Forstzangen bzw. Rückezangen und Spaltzangen. Die Modellreihe Timberlift, das sind  vielseitig einsetzbare Holzkrane bzw. Rückekrane sowie Ladekrane, finden Sie ebenfalls im Produktprogramm von Auer.  Weiters erleichtern wir Ihnen das Schneestangen setzen mit unserem Schneestangensetzgerät bzw. Schneestangenbohrgerät. Für die Förderung von Hackschnitzel ist unser Hackschnitzelgebläse bestens geeignet. Mit einer Auer Obstpresse und Obstmühle können Sie Ihr Obst optimal verarbeiten. Auf den einzelnen Detailseiten erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Produkte.

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Press release:

Hydraulic crane systems from Auer -
fast, strong and versatile

With an Auer hay crane, things just work.
Auer crane systems stand for experience and reliability


People who invest in one of our crane systems will be surprised at how versatile and perfect Auer cranes are to use; no matter whether in a newbuild or converted building, in tight spaces or generously dimensioned buildings, Auer uses the latest technology to make the most of every situation – regardless of whether the material being transported, stored and removed is straw, silage, wood chips or timber, etc.

The latest technology:

Cranes from Auer are strong, and work rapidly and precisely. High-strength S 700 fine-grain steel makes Auer hay cranes strong and durable. The unique extension system (not with cables but rather chains, which have proven themselves time and again) with the synchronised extendible arms guarantees maximum speed and helps to save you money. For compaction and silo removal purposes, the crane arm can be positioned vertically. In combination with a claw up position unit, it is also the optimal solution for stacking bales. The Powerjet automatic switching system and the segmented design of the control blocks is equipped with a Euro control, the same as construction machinery. This allows for smooth and rapid operation. The whisper pumps and the hardened, seamless construction of the slewing ring are indispensable.

Combining the crane with an Auer hay drying system also makes you entirely independent of the weather.

For information, contact:
Auer Landmaschinenbau GmbH
Tel. ++43 (0)7215 22 74 0